PKMD Media Group

Sports Marketing

Connecting Media, Marketing and Sales.

Unified Approach

When organizations work in silos, the results are never great. When it happens in sports, it deters your brand and hurts your bottom line. We leverage our media and marketing expertise to help deliver stronger sponsorship and ticket sales.



We're not only talking about media relations and getting stories published, but more importantly, leveraging digital media tools to help tell your organization's story better. Quality content and storytelling will help drive sales. 



It's important to not only keep up with trends in sports but to know which ones are worth your time and which ones aren't. With the ever evolving digital world, we help you navigate new platforms and create quality content that will spread your message. 



It's important to understand that the media and marketing side of things will be the biggest sales driver for any sports organization. We help you capture the  ticketing and sponsorship revenue you need through effective communication and streamlined services. 

Current and past clients include: