PKMD Media Group


Activation. Consultation. Management.

Generate revenue through effective partnerships.

Combining our experience and understanding of sponsorship, sports marketing, digital marketing and revenue generation, we can help your organization by managing your activations or solicitations.



Sponsorship is much more than hanging a sign or slapping a logo on something. It's about cross promoting two brands and leveraging the audience that has affinity with the event or team your organization is sponsoring. We help you maximize this opportunity by creating unique and effective activations that drive results. 



We've working with a number of organizations to help their internal team generate better results. We start by looking at your current assets and inventory and how you're marketing them to prospects. We use our expertise in activation to create stronger, mutually beneficial partnerships that are long lasting. 



If you don't have an internal team managing your sponsorships, or haven't garnered the results you had hoped for, we're here to help as your external sponsorship management team. We've managed opportunities for NCAA Div I programs, bowl games, semi-pro soccer clubs, music festivals and more.