From time to time, a project comes on our radar that needs more than just our basic services. If we feel the project fits into our wheelhouse (we try to stick to sports and entertainment) then we work on a retainer basis to help our client get to the point they’re trying to reach.

Most recently, we took over the marketing management of Revel & Roll (entertainment venue in Ann Arbor, MI) for a period of two years. We had specific goals to grow the business’s bottom line by activating different marketing channels and implementing programming and partnerships. We not only succeeded at the challenges we were tasked with but the business became so lucrative during the period, that we exceeded all previous years revenues by 25%.

On the sports side, we’ve managed game day operations for college bowls games and media and marketing plans for semi-pro soccer clubs. We have the ability to manage different aspects of a project and tie them together to help drive results.

If you have a project you think we could help with, reach out to us today with more details.